Word of welcome – New President

Dear colleagues,

In this time of global upheaval where technologies are adapting and innovating, geospatial sciences are no exception! It is in this very specific context that I take the helm of the presidency of the executive committee of the Montreal Section of the ACSG. Ready for the challenge, I intend to invest myself in pursuing the mission of the association as well as animate and promote the geomatics community of the greater metropolitan area, even from Quebec!

I succeed Nicolas Delffon, president of the last three years, that I would like to thank for his involvement, his dynamism and creativity. I also want to recognize the invaluable contribution of outgoing members: Brenda Tapp (president 2014-2016), Philippe Darche (president 2012-2013, 2007-2009), Danick Venne (president 2010-2011), Florence Raimbault and Gaétan Poulin, who have contributed to the modernization of the association over the past few years.

So, we continue with a renewed team, energetic and enthusiastic about this adventure! It is my pleasure to present the new management office:

 – Joanie Desgroseilliers, president, Hydro-Québec
 – Manon Blackburn, vice president, Effigis
 – Nicolas Delffon, treasurer, Anagraph
 – Martin Chevrier, secretary, Stantec
 – Jean-Noel Levasseur, Consultant
 – Pierre Lessard, Consultant
 – Véronique Dufort, City of Montreal
 – German Gonzalez, Consortech
 – Julien Belvisi, City of Laval
 – David Pelletier, City of Montreal

Short term, we wish to reconfirm our commitment to support the Geo community, And this, despite the distance. For this purpose, a first Meetup is organised 100% remotely on 17 November. Longer term, the objective will obviously be to continue to contribute to the promotion of our discipline by organizing the next conference GéoMTL,,lb,the count is started,,fr,The event takes place in less than a week and it is not too late to sign up,,fr,Visit the website of,,fr,event,,fr,or click on the image for all the details,,fr.

Hope to meet you,

Joanie Desgroseilliers