Over 30 years symposiums :

2019 GéoMTL,,lb,the count is started,,fr,The event takes place in less than a week and it is not too late to sign up,,fr,Visit the website of,,fr,event,,fr,or click on the image for all the details,,fr 2019 Nicolas Delffon, president
2016 Geomatics 2016 Brenda Tapp, president
2013 Geomatics 2013 Philippe Darche, president
2011 Geomatics 2011 Danick Venne, president
Geomatics 2011
2009 Geomatics 2009 Philippe Darche, president
Geomatics 2009
2006 Geomatics 2006 Robert Daigle, president
Geomatics 2006
2004 A strategic choice Sylvie Laroche, president
A strategic choice
2002 Across all! Claude Levasseur, president
Everywhere for Everyone!
2000 Excellence in the heart of the new millennium Denis Parrot, president
Excellence in the New Millennium
1997 An accessible world Yvon Sevigny, president
A World Within Reach
1995 The road of innovation Michel Drouin, president
The Road to Innovation
1993 New synergy Michel Drouin, president
The New Synergy
1991 Bursting present François Dutil, president
A Present Bursting with Activities
1989 The future in the making Louis Lamarre, president
A Futur in the Making
1987 Geomatics applied to municipal management Guy Rochon, president
Géomatics Applied to Municipal Management
1985 Cadastral reform and land management in Quebec Guy Rochon, president
1984 Project management Gilles Boutin, president
1983 Computer-assisted land management Jean-Noël Lechasseur, president
1982 Digital graphics and databases Denis Gélinas, president
1981 Photogrammetry for potential users Ubald Leconte , president