5@7 GeoMTL : Geomatics in the era of digital twins

Join us at 5@7 GéoMTL on 24 next April on the theme of 3D and digital twins now made possible thanks to advanced technologies in LiDAR and imaging.

Courtesy of Jakarto, exclusive partner of the next major geomatics meeting GeoMT2023. Come and discover the full potential of LiDAR and imaging data through inspiring projects.


  • ACSG-MTL Introduction and Joint Announcement (Joanie Desgroseilliers, Felix Laroche)
  • How the world of 3D geospatial offers added value to GIS? (Martin Carpentier)
  • Introduce geomatics in a small organization at high speed – the experience of the city of Prévost with the digital twin (Paul Germain, Mayor of Prévost)
  • Implementation of a geomatics service with the contribution of the digital twin (Martin Fafard, Head of Geomatics Division, City of Mascouche)
  • The digital twin at the service of urban forests (Dr Bastien Lecigne, specialist in LiDAR data processing and urban forestry)

Drinks and poutine bar will be available on site for the occasion!

About Jakarto: their solution enables cities and utilities to optimize their asset and infrastructure management by offering an accurate digital twin of the territory and an automated AI-based asset inventory solution. It also offers a cloud-based platform for processing high-volume LiDAR and imagery data., from storage to distribution.