GAIA Price

Since 1993, the GAIA prize is awarded to a winner in the world of private enterprise, government or education to recognize his outstanding contribution in the field of geomatics in Quebec. NOW, Canadian Geomatics Association, section Champlain, also contributes to the award.

GéoMTL,,lb,the count is started,,fr,The event takes place in less than a week and it is not too late to sign up,,fr,Visit the website of,,fr,event,,fr,or click on the image for all the details,,fr 2019 Luc Levesque
City of Montreal
Geomatics 2016 Claude Levasseur
Geomatics 2013 Annick Jatton
Université Laval
Geomatics 2011 Pierre Tessier
Ministry of Natural Resources
Geomatics 2009 Guy Rochon
SoftMap Technologies Inc
Geomatics 2006 Yvan Bédard
Université Laval
Geomatics 2004 Laval Pineault
Ministry of Natural Resources
Geomatics 2002 Marc-A. Gendron and Claude Lefebvre
Geomatics 2000 Pierre Gagnon
Université Laval
Geomatics VI Beliveau and Guy Jules Couture
Geomatics V Michel Paradis
Ministry & rsquo; Environment and Wildlife
Geomatics IV Roland Provencher
City of Montreal