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Meetup Geo MTL,,en,nov,,en,"View geospatial data",,fr,It is with enthusiasm that we invite you to the launch of the Meetup ",,fr,Geo MTL,,en,"Organized by the Montreal Chapter of the CGSA,,fr,This initiative aims to strengthen our community by offering a series of thematic meetings,,fr,You can discover the advanced science and innovations of geospatial information in an environment promoting networking,,fr,We invite you,,fr,November,,fr,to the,,fr,Notman House,,fr,first meeting ",,fr,View geospatial data,,fr,"That will make an overview of the use of geographic data,,fr, le 17 October 2019: "Smart Cities and Digital Transformation of Organizations",fr

You are interested in the development of urban ecosystems through the contribution of geospatial data,,fr,Curious to discover transformative digital projects for organizations,,fr,Join us next week to meet passionate guests who will present projects and solutions under the theme of,,fr,Smart cities and digital transformation of organizations,,fr,,,en,The last chance to exchange before,,fr,THE LARGE,,fr,VÉNEMENT,,fr,the,,fr,next November at the Palais des congrès,,fr? Curieux de découvrir des projets numériques transformateurs pour les organisations?

Joignez-vous à nous la semaine prochaine afin de rencontrer des invités passionnés qui vous présenteront des projets et solutions sous le thème des Villes intelligentes et transformation numérique des organisations.

Quand?: The 17 October 2019 de 17h @ 20h
Où?: À la Maison Notman

Consultez la plate-forme Meetup pour vous inscrire:

La dernière chance d’échanger avant LE GRAND ÉVÉNEMENT GEOMTL les 13 and 14 novembre prochain au Palais des congrès!