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Meetup Geo MTL,,en,nov,,en,"View geospatial data",,fr,It is with enthusiasm that we invite you to the launch of the Meetup ",,fr,Geo MTL,,en,"Organized by the Montreal Chapter of the CGSA,,fr,This initiative aims to strengthen our community by offering a series of thematic meetings,,fr,You can discover the advanced science and innovations of geospatial information in an environment promoting networking,,fr,We invite you,,fr,November,,fr,to the,,fr,Notman House,,fr,first meeting ",,fr,View geospatial data,,fr,"That will make an overview of the use of geographic data,,fr, le 6 June,,fr,"In the GeoBI era",,fr 2018: «À l’ère du GeoBI»

Interested in understanding how GeoBI can add value to your projects,,fr,Join us for the upcoming Geo MTL Meetup to learn more and discuss this new practice around geospatial data intelligence,,fr,Location Intelligence,,en,We will welcome CARTO and Anagraph amongst others to continue the series of events dedicated to geographic information technologies.,,fr,CARTO will offer aperitif and bites for the occasion,,fr,Check out the Meetup platform to register,,fr,,,en?

Joignez-vous à nous à l’occasion du prochain Meetup Geo MTL pour en apprendre davantage et discuter de cette nouvelle pratique autour de l’intelligence des données géospatiales (Location Intelligence).

Nous y accueillerons entre autre CARTO et Anagraph afin de poursuivre la série d’événements dédiées aux technologies de l’information géographique. CARTO offrira apéro et bouchées pour l’occasion.

Consultez la plate-forme Meetup pour vous inscrire: