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Meetup Geo MTL,,en,nov,,en,"View geospatial data",,fr,It is with enthusiasm that we invite you to the launch of the Meetup ",,fr,Geo MTL,,en,"Organized by the Montreal Chapter of the CGSA,,fr,This initiative aims to strengthen our community by offering a series of thematic meetings,,fr,You can discover the advanced science and innovations of geospatial information in an environment promoting networking,,fr,We invite you,,fr,November,,fr,to the,,fr,Notman House,,fr,first meeting ",,fr,View geospatial data,,fr,"That will make an overview of the use of geographic data,,fr, le 27 March 2018: «La technologie LiDAR»,pt

After the success of the first edition,,fr,we renew the invitation for a second GeoMTL meetup,,fr,The event will focus this time on LiDAR technology and will be sponsored by Jakarto,,fr,,,en,next march,,fr,for the meeting whose subject will be "LiDAR technology",,fr, nous renouvelons l’invitation pour un second meetup GeoMTL! L’événement portera cette fois sur la technologie LiDAR et sera commandité par Jakarto (

Nous vous convions le 27 mars prochain à la Maison Notman pour la rencontre dont le sujet portera sur « La technologie LiDAR ».

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Au plaisir de vous y voir en grand nombre!